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Word of the Week: Kalon

Meaning of the word kalon

Word of the week: Kalon

Kalon [noun]: beauty that is more than skin deep

Today marks a few "lasts": the last beach day many New Yorkers will see for quite some time, and the last of "Summer Fridays,” although I’ve never actually experienced the latter. Today also marks the beginning of one crazy, fashion filled week, which is why the word “kalon” seemed like the perfect way to kick of the week.

Kalon—which may or may not be an actual word—literally means beauty that is more than skin deep. Since finding myself rummaging through the fashion industry over the past few years, I’ve observed so many things, both exciting and incredibly scary.

I’ve watched beautiful models starve themselves in the name of “fashion,” and others who continue to pile on layer after layer of makeup, because when it comes down to it, this industry is built off of being superficial. Judging clothing on the runway, judging its designers because why not? After all, the industry was made for beauty: producing beautiful items, worn on beautiful (sometimes faceless) people. At the end of the day, when you’re known for the things you’re wearing or the items you’re producing, surface beauty can be all you’ve got. 


I’ve been trying to write this post for the past few hours—well honestly, the past few days. I didn’t know how to talk about a topic that so many people would rather avoid, but hell, why not talk about it? While I’ve met many people in the industry who value surface beauty, I’ve also met a lot of really incredible people who ooze inner beauty (isn’t ooze a disgusting word by the way?)

You know it when you see it: there are some people who just shine, sparkle, glow. They light up the room, and are interested in talking—not just about gossip or things, but about real issues. They make you feel inspired, and you do the same for them. 

This week is all about beautiful--beautiful clothing and beautiful people--but what I'm most excited about is being around those few individuals, the "kalon" who enter your life and leave a mark you're sure to remember.  

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