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Word of the Week: Flâneur

Meaning of the French word Flâneur

Word of the Week: Flâneur

Flâneur [French; noun]: one who strolls around aimlessly but enjoyably, observing life and his surroundings. 

I've been thinking a lot about words recently, diving deep beneath their surfaces to find little bits of meaning. 

Isn't it funny to think about words? Really think about them. How some have descriptions so particular, you'd think they were describing you. 

We learn a lot about words throughout life, but it always seems that we're taught, dare I say, boring words. 

The word "insatiable" was one of the terms I consistently remember learning throughout early high school literature classes. SAT's be damned, I wouldn't get that one wrong. 

But I never learned about words like "numinous," a term describing an experience that makes you fearful yet fascinated, awed yet attracted--the powerful personal feeling of being overwhelmed and inspired.

Which is why I want to start each week with one word: one word to get the week off on the right track. One word that feels right, inspiring and daring. 

New York, much like France I'd imagine, is one of those cities that encourages exploration. It's almost a necessity to spend time in the position of the urban explorer. Idling, drawing inspiration from nearby buildings; It's a city built on bustle that's secretly made for leisure. 

Back in my high school days, words like these would be thought of as lazy, unappealing and unflattering. But to me, to be an explorer of the world—to be curious—is something not only flattering, but also attractive. Why wouldn’t you want to take the time to breathe and wander? Why wouldn’t you want to discover? Why wouldn’t you want to observe life?  

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