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Why Mom Jeans are Actually Awesome

A fight in the defense of mom jeans. 

A few days ago, while wearing my new favorite baggy jeans for the second day in a row, I stumbled upon an article titled, “Why are ‘mom jeans’ coming back?” I slowly set down my coffee mug, swallowing the last gulp of my latte. Looking down, I realized the jeans I had so fondly scored for $8.99 were, in fact, mom jeans.

I had two options: I could hide the grey denim in the back of my closet, swearing to secrecy anyone who had witnessed me in said mom jeans, or I could evaluate all the reasons why baggy jeans are actually awesome. After careful consideration, and after realizing they are quite possibly the most comfortable pants I own, I chose the latter. 

First off, I'd like to retire the term "mom jeans," and will instead settle for "high waisted, loose fitting denim." It's a mouthful, but nevertheless, much more flattering.

Next, I'd like to explore the awesome-ness of said jeans. Given that they're typically a bit tapered at the bottom, it's a perfect opportunity to show off your shoes. I generally opt for ankle boots (my uniform), but given the sunnier days we're (hopefully) bound to experience, I'm breaking out the block heel sandals. You've been warned. 

Inevitably, when embracing the "high waisted loose fitting denim," you'll also be taking on the "long butt." You know? The illusion that your butt is actually much longer (or bigger). Whatever. I've chosen to embrace it. Moving on.

Finally, because of the high-wasitedness of your new favorite denim, you're left with optimal shirt-tuck opportunities. Also this is the perfect time to break out those crop tops you bought last summer but have yet to wear because you weren't as open to wearing mom jeans then.

It's a new day--all hail mom jeans.

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