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Where do you feel free?

 "You belong somewhere you feel free."


Recently, on one of my Pinterest binges, I came across a quote that read, "you belong somewhere you feel free." I began thinking about places in the city that provoked this feeling. It wasn't downtown in the heart of Soho, and it sure wasn't strolling through the East Village. I kept going back to where I felt most inspired. Believe it or not, that place was Central Park. 

I know I write a lot about it, in all of its winding trail glory, but after four years of power walking the same streets, the anticipation of something new around any corner has a certain appeal. I guess I've been craving the mystery of empty forests and sandy shores--that's where I feel most free. 

This morning, in order to crawl my way out of a case of writer's block, I rolled out of bed and into something (somewhat) adventure appropriate: cutoffs, a tee and a metal ID necklace. I walked through abandoned trails, ducked through trees and finally remembered a few of the things currently inspiring me. Sometimes all it takes is a little perspective.



Tee: H&M
Bra: Forever 21 Bralette
Shorts: Vintage Levis
Chain Necklace: Alex and Chloe via Nylon Shop (c/o)


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