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What's on your dream to-do list?


Laundry not included

"I just want to drink coffee, create stuff and sleep."

Can we talk about why to-do lists never include drinking coffee, laying in bed or reading blogs? I know, I know, they're meant for productivity, but once, just once, I wish my to-do list would look a little something like this. 

And so, on a day when my real to-do list is longer than I'd like to admit, I sat at my desk painting away at my "dream to-do list." It's not extravagant, but it is my idea of a perfect rainy evening:

1) Drink Coffee: my days start and end with coffee, but the best feeling in the world is laying in bed, coffee and croissant in hand. 

2) Read books: I recently finished How to be Parisian Wherever You Are and developed a slightly embarrassing obsession with all things Parisian. Je ne sais pas...


3) Eat pizza: This doesn't even need explaining. Pizza. Beer. Bed.

4) Make things: I realize this sort of looks like "smoke things," but that's just my handwriting to blame (which used to be better, I swear). Anyway, I can't be the only one who really enjoys crafting? I think not. 

5) Shop online: I've recently decided that shopping online is the way to go. Although in-store shopping used to be my cardio, shopping from bed is so much more satisfying. Here's one of my favorite online shopping sites for jewelry, shoes and paper products. 

6) Read blogs: I love Closet Fashionista's Shopbop sale finds, this article on how to wear leather pants to work, and Into the Gloss's article on how to make deli flowers look expensive

7) Drink more coffee: That is all. 

What's on your dream to-do list this Wednesday?

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