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What's in my travel bag

What's in your travel bag?

You mean you don't carry socks in your purse?

When it comes to packing, I'm a "more is more" kinda girl (in the sense that I am most definitely not packing light). My boyfriend once asked if I wanted to share a suitcase for a weekend getaway. I laughed and continued to stuff as much as humanly possibly into a "weekend bag" (note: said "weekend bag" is too large to be a carry on, yet too small for the amount of shoes I wanted to bring). 

I like to think I'm coming prepared. Need an extra pair of socks? I've got you covered. A phone charger? Got it in my purse. Last nights Thai leftovers? Probably also in my travel bag (kidding). 

Anyways, keep reading to hear some of my essential travel bag items. Because you never know when boredom will hit. 

Scarf: I mentioned this yesterday, but rain, shine, hot or cold you'll find me with some kind of cozy something to warm up to. 

Peep this blanket scarf for all your travel/fall/winter needs. 

Passport Holder: I'm not exactly headed out of the country today, but this passport holder is pretty much all you need (built in notebook!). 

Eight Hour Cream: I don't leave home without it, let alone the state. 

Notebook: Where all my in-flight ideas will live. 

The perfect travel bag: Madewell pretty much nails it in the tote department. I'm dying for The Transport Tote (psst! You can monogram it!)

Socks: Because nobody likes cold feet.

Kiehls Essential Oils (roll-on): Seriously the greatest thing ever made. The most perfect "musk" scent and easy to apply right before landing.

Mophie iPhone Charger: This thing has become my best friend. Without it I'd be scared and alone (my phone would be dead). 

Frends Headphones: These are great specifically because they block out all noise. They also fold up nicely which makes more space for additional "necessary" items. 


What are some items in your travel bag?

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