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What is the Third Place


Being an all-around coffee shop lurker, I've thought a lot about the idea of the third place. It's used to refer to that place--that home away from home. First, there's your actual home, then comes your office, and finally, the third place--your coffee shop. It's that place where you feel comfortable to sit for hours. It's the place where you know the baristas, and they know you.


I recently became enamored with the idea of a place so comfortable it could feel like your (third) home. What makes a coffee shop that place? For me, it's walking in and catching up with baristas who have become friends. It's talking about our day, our week, even our recent accomplishments while I wait for the first cup of morning coffee.


Yesterday, we asked Henric what makes Why Not his third place, and tomorrow, we explore the idea further with coffee shop owner, Steven Sadoff of Ground Support Cafe. So tell me, what's your third place?

Casual Friday

Meet & Blend with Henric Olsson-Weller of Pepper & Paul