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Weekend Morning Rituals


photos by Daniel Gabrielson

"Early mornings, big shirts, messy hair Vogue and coffee."

I'll say it once, twice, three times--and probably three times after that. Mornings are the best. Early mornings, that is, on unplanned weekends when the possibilities are endless.

The house is quiet, curtains still drawn, as you bundle up in your robe and walk to the coffee machine. A few clicks and some stirring later, the aroma of the first fresh cup of jo is wafting through your home.

You head to the window and peek through curtains; the same ones that kept the outside world at a distance for so many hours. If you're anything like me, you'll sit and wait while the skies are still gloomy, and only when the sun begins to peak through clouds will you consider starting your day.

Early mornings are the most prized moments in my day. They feel the most inspired, like the stillness allows my mind to roam even faster than usual.

My weekend morning routines vary, but here are some of my favorite ways to spend an unplanned early morning.  

Kinfolk and Coffee: Some of my favorite magazines--like Cereal, Kinfolk and Darling--serve as little sources of inspiration. They give me jolts of butterflies that make me want to spend the day working on projects, only stopping to refresh my coffee. 

Catch up on new videos: Last semester, I took three film classes and quickly learned to appreciate each and every minute that goes into scripting, shooting and editing films. That being said, can we talk about the genius that is behind Free People films? Starting my days off on productive notes, even on the weekend, have proved key to making the most of my days, so some mornings when the coffee has yet to kick in, I cuddle back in bed and click through short videos. The Roshambo series, The Neighbor and The Ride ft. Erin Wasson (swoon) are some of my favorites. 

Walk: When I'm back in the city, there are some days when, no matter how early it is, I run to the bakery, grab my morning coffee and head for a stroll through the park. New York in the early hours is unfiltered. It's raw and if you ask me, it's its greatest hour. 

What are some of your favorite weekend morning routines? Let me know in the comments below, or on Instagram!


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