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Community Musing: Weekend Escape

This weekend, let's escape

photos via Muse #34 by Dan Martensen

"Find a beautiful place and get lost"

I write a lot about weekends: my favorite Saturday morning haunts, things to do while staying cozy at home, and endless ideas of what I want to be doing on a chilly weekend afternoon (namely Netflix and pizza).

If I had to paint a portrait of my ideal Sunday morning, it would look a whole lot like this editorial.

One thing that feels absolutely necessary during winter weekends? Holding up in a hidden cabin in the middle of nowhere. Jumping in the car and driving anywhere tree lined and out of touch. It feels intimate, inviting and most importantly, serene.

Here’s a little bit of a musing on winter weekends outside of the city:

8:00 AM—the perfect weekend waking time—especially when you’re in the middle of nowhere. You emerge from the covers with a stretch. It’s silent—a benefit of escaping the city.

You tip-toe to the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee. Snow gathers outside your window, setting the scene of a winter wonderland. There are no distractions—no emails, no plans, just you. You pull a book off a nearby shelf and cuddle next to a fire, coffee in hand. You crack open the beginning pages and take a sip from your mug.

You’ve got nowhere to be but here. 

Winter in NYC

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