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Time for you


"Take time to do what makes your soul happy"

New York was extra charming yesterday. Maybe it was because the sun was shining and the breeze was blowing. Or maybe it was because I slept until noon. Either way, there was a certain sparkle that made me love the city even more. 

Yesterday was one of those days where I looked at everything a little bit differently. Central Park seemed like the perfect escape on a warm day. We grabbed mango smoothies and walked the few streets to a wooded paradise. 

Isn't it crazy how something like Central Park can exist in the middle of a busy city? Little bridges make for a gorgeous journey through an unknown world. Waterfalls find their place in secret paths hidden far from the main roads. 

It's taking time to do things like this, to explore unknown territories--to make your soul happy--that help renew your inspiration and lust for life. It's only when we break out of our usual routines that we're able to appreciate the beauty that's hidden just a few streets away. 



Dress: Vintage (check out this off the shoulder dress from Free People)
Hat: CVS (seriously--H&M has some adorable summer hats right now)
Necklace: Vintage (I searched some coin necklaces on Etsy--beware. All. So. Cute.)
Belt: Will you hate me if I say it's also vintage?

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