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The City Brewed Approved NYC Coffee Map

Where will you be sipping coffee this weekend?

Because coffee shops are your home away from home

Not long ago, I embarked on a journey to fuss out the best of New York City coffee shops. Sure, you can find coffee just about anywhere, but I had different criteria. Was the decor on point (Instagramable)? Is the coffee strong? Smooth? Does it foster the perfect environment for midday coffee dates? If so, I wanted to know about it. 

This journey, as you could probably imagine, left me jittery and completely over-caffeinated. Not that I'm complaining. 

I jotted down notes of some of my favorite spots: "perfect décorBest latte ever!" You get the picture. 

And so, because my "coffee notebook" has seen better days, I decided to digitize the list, both for my own good and yours. 

The ever-changing City Brewed approved coffee shop map will live at the top of City Brewed under the "Find Coffee" tab. Have a coffee shop you think I should try? Submit your suggestions here (or from the same drop down menu)! I'm always looking to up my coffee shop game. 

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