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The Best Cozy NYC Coffee Shops to Visit This Winter

The Best Cozy NYC Coffee Shops to Visit This Winter

PHOTO via  @cafehoppingnyc

PHOTO via @cafehoppingnyc

PHOTO via  @lauraleexj

PHOTO via @lauraleexj

Ah, winter in New York City: frosted windows, the smell of fir trees on every corner, snow-sludge lining the streets – there’s truly nothing like it. But what’s even better than a jaunt through twinkling holiday markets is kicking back in cozy coffee shops. You retreat to a seat in the corner – the perfect window view of the outside world – pull out your notebook and hunker in. After all, it’s winter in the city, and the only place to be is in the corners of your favorite cafe. 

If you live in New York City, or you’re taking a quick trip, be sure to visit these 5 cozy coffee shops in Manhattan and Brooklyn. 

Spreadhouse Cafe – Lower East Side

Walking into Spreadhouse is like walking into a very hip co-working space. From creatives to authors and everything in between, you’ll see all walks of life quietly typing a way. Cozy up in its corners and hunker in on particularly cold days.  

The Uncommons – Greenwich Village

Dubbed Manhattan's first board game cafe, this place is just begging you to sit and stay awhile. With walls and walls decked with games, you can meet friends, sip on some coffee (or craft beer), and play Scrabble while the snow falls outside. 

Bell’s Coffee & Design – SoHo

While it’s maybe not the ideal space to sit and stay awhile, it is the perfect location for a mid-day date. Sip on a cappuccino as the world passes by outside the floor-to-ceiling windows, snack on a cookie, and maybe get some of your Christmas shopping done from their selection of gifts and home decor items. 

Little Neck Outpost – Greenpoint

It’s cold, gloomy, and you’re really feeling last night’s wine night. Head to Little Neck Outpost for a cozy breakfast and piping hot coffee from La Colombe. Kick back in your oversized scarf and take Saturdays in stride. 

AP Cafe – Bushwick

I remember stumbling into AP Cafe one winter. My fingers were frozen and my feet refused to cooperate. I walked in when the cafe was empty – which doesn’t happen too often anymore – and ordered a cappuccino and a donut. I sat at a window seat and watched as others strolled past, clearly better dressed for the cold than I. Long story short, despite its industrial vibes, AP is the perfect cozy place to grab a coffee and kick back.

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