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Spring Makeup How-To With Cassie of CK Makeup Artistry


You know those days nearing the end of winter? The ones where you've come to your breaking point? The one's where you leave your apartment, refusing a coat, simply because damnit, you've had enough?

I've had about four of these days since Friday.

I've become so "over" the idea of winter that I've quite literally been wearing little summer rompers around the house. I turn up the heat, pour myself a beer and pretend it's 80 degrees and sunny outside. A girl can dream, right?

In my efforts to combat winter, I've been thinking a lot about spring beauty. Highlighted cheeks, a bold brow and a tinted lip. Simple and stunning. Realizing my makeup skills are slim to none, I brought in Cassie Kurtz of CK Makeup Artistry to give us some spring beauty tips. Scroll down for a step by step guide including spring must-have products. I'll let Cassie take it from here. Happy highlighting!


"During this transition start re-assessing your skin and ask yourself what needs to be improved. The best makeup starts from flawless, healthy skin. Dry skin? Figure out why. Are you moisturizing?

Oily skin? Are you exfoliating enough? Or too much? Follow up with a nice moisturizer that suits your skin based on if you’re sensitive, super dry, etc. My favorite is an investment but an industry favorite, Embryolisse Laite Crème. Also consider trying Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream.

Feel like your skin needs just a bit of coverage? Consider the plethora of BB and CC creams on the market. You can buy for as little or much as you like in drug stores or department stores. These creams are lightweight, offer low but much needed amounts of SPF and are great for skin that still wants to breathe."

Editors note: shout out to Beauty Blender for being my new favorite beauty tool ever.


On brows

"Not sure how to start? It's all about shape: always have the innermost part of the brow along the corner of the eye, the arch in the middle of the eye and the outermost part at a 45 degree angle from the outer corner of the eye. Fullness doesn’t suit everyone. Depending on how large or small your forehead is, as well as your eyes and your hairstyle, you may not want super thick brows.

Here are my personal favorites for filling in brows: Makeup Forever Aqua Brow, Anastasia Brow Powder Duo and MUD Eye Pencil. The Makeup Forever Aqua Brow is waterproof and great for brides or special events. Always err to more of a neutral, ashy tone as typically that is what brows are. Warmer tones are usually not natural but may be necessary depending on your hair color and if you want it to match.

For any of these products you want to use light strokes and not a heavy hand. Recreate hairs by making those light strokes, almost feathering out but not as exaggerated. Start in the center of the arch if just filling in, as that should be the darkest spot, and continue outwards. Not filling in and just defining? Lightly outline around while still using the hair drawing technique. Don’t make it a block; natural brows do not have hard lines."


On Bronzer

"A great way to bronze is by looking at your face. Do you have a larger forehead? If not you may not want to bronze too much up there. Do you have wider space between your hairline and eyes? Then you may want to tap some there to give your face some warmth. Smaller face? Keep the color towards the inner part of your cheekbone and not so far out. Wider face? Consider blending the color out further, but never take the color closer than two fingers width from your nose.  Finish off by swiping a small amount of color on the tip of your nose and chin. The sun doesn’t discriminate, nor should your bronzer.

My ultimate favorite to use is Tom Ford’s Cheek Color “Savage." With a slight shimmer and hint of pink to it, it makes a great blush for my beautiful clients with deeper skin tones. On a budget? Benefit’s Hoola offers a price cut.

Finish off by taking the same bronzer color along your eyelids with a fluffy brush to give the face a natural continuity. Apply your favorite mascara on both top and bottom lashes to give a glamorous yet simple, chic look.  Since it can get hot in the summertime, I always suggest a finishing spray such as Urban Decay’s All Nighter."


On lips

"You’ve already prepped now it’s a matter of determining what look you want. Anything goes now: gloss, matte, lipstick, stain or a pointy shape! For spring and an effortless look, I always suggest a stain and maybe a light amount of gloss dabbed in the center. Never over-gloss!  Most people buy products specifically named ‘stain’ but it’s easy to take any of your lipsticks and make it yourself. Instead of lining, and applying lipstick directly from the tube, I like to use my ring finger to dab onto the lips. Moisturize lips with Lucas Paw Paw ointment and then dab away!"

A huge thanks to Cassie! Find her on Instagram for even more great tips!

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