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Rules for Creativity

"Taking time to live will only inspire your work." 

The alarm sounded as usual. The familiar sound exploded through my iPhone as I tried my hardest to ignore it. One second. Two seconds. No such luck. One eye fluttered open and the other followed suit, slowly positioning themselves into a squinty-eyed emjoi like stare. How dare you wake me from my slumber. Again.  

It was another familiar day--one that, like others as of late, had started on the wrong side of the bed. My ideas were at a stand still, writers block being a common occurrence in my everyday repertoire. It was a funk, really, one that kept me from writing, creating, working even. 

After some light soul searching (coffee drinking) I decided what I need was to take a step back; Live a little before I could really be inspired again. I can now say, after a day of swimming and soaking up sunshine, that it was just what I needed. Nothing like a little bit of living to re-inspire your life. Here are a few little ways that have helped bring some creativity back into my life:

1) Change your surroundings: There's nothing like repeating the same old routines to really foster a full-on-funk. When I'm feeling the need to switch things up, I make minor changes. Even if it means going to a different coffee shop, or exploring a new part of your city, it's a great way to bring some new life into an otherwise uneventful day. 

2) Seek seaside: Water is healing. A day at the ocean, an hour by a lake, you name it. You'd be surprised how something seemingly small can provoke ideas, energy and excitement. 

3) Read, read, read: Almost all of my blog, school and work ideas come from reading, researching and exploring. Allow yourself to investigate the things that you love and wander through things you don't know much about.



Photography by Daniel Gabrielson
Plaid shirt: thrifted
Shorts: Levis Cutoffs
Bathingsuit top: Billabong
Long necklace: John Varvatos
Bar necklace: Dogeared

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