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Rain-Watching in James Jeans


I love the rain. Adore it. I love watching it fall from cafe doors. I love listening to it trickle against my window as I drift off to sleep. 

But my favorite way to experience the rain is after a long day. After hours of twisting and turning through Chinatown streets, scarfing down pork bun on a park bench near Vanessa's. After rays of sun have had their chance to absorb in my skin. After my feet have finally given up all hope, and a beer was on the radar. After I've stumbled into my favorite cafe, taking a barstool by the window, I watch as the clouds open up and let loose. 


"They're dancing on the good foot. I got to get on the good foot..."

Unlike other spots nearby, this cafe was calm--well, calmer--spewing James Brown's greatest hits while nearby customers sip on Americanos between a dance move or two. 

We all stop to stare out the window, rain pounding the sidewalk while sun trickles from behind clouds. 


I don't know what it is about the rain. Maybe it's calming, or comfortable. Maybe it's because it's unexpected. 

Either way, I love the rain. Adore it.

Photographed wearing James Jeans Corky Suspender shorts (c/o) and a TOPSHOP tee

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