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The Problem with Routines

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Have you ever woken up and realized you were full-force into a weekly routine that you can’t break out of? You roll out of bed at the same time and head to the coffee shop you frequent every day. The barista has your order waiting for you before you’ve made it to the front of the line—“iced skim latte!”

You look down at the same jeans you’ve worn for the past three days and sheepishly accept your coffee. That’s when you realize you’re in a routine-induced crisis. 

Summer has a way of nudging you into certain routines. Hot weather discourages putting thought into outfits because really, who wants to wear clothes in the balmy summer heat?

It’s hard to switch things up when you’ve become accustomed to certain rituals, but this week, I’m vowing to shake things up a bit. Puffy, high waisted skirts have pulled me out of my cutoff phase and into an airy spirit that makes me want to dance all night long. But can you blame me? Cupcake-like skirts make for optimal spins.  

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Top: Urban Outfitters (this top is currently sold out, but this Etsy seller has really cute options!)
Skirt: Vintage (H&M has some perfectly-spinnable skirts right now: wide-cut denim skirt & this crinkled skirt)
Belt: Vintage (similar)
Shoes: H&M (These similar Chinese Laundry sandals are on sale and I need them in my life.)
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (check out this awesome tote bag)
Sunnies: Ray-Ban
Spike Bracelet: LILLOT

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