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Found: A Perfect Transitional Sweater


This time every year, when winter seems to be settling down and subtle signs of spring begin to make themselves known, I trade in the heavy layers and days spent in my apartment for lighter sweaters and afternoons on the town. 


Of course by "on the town" I mean setting up camp at my favorite coffee shops for an afternoon of working and sipping on something iced. It's those days especially when I look for that perfect sweater: the one made for long periods of time at coffee shops. That same sweater that's light enough for warmer moments, but will keep you warm when the sun begins to dip behind the buildings. 

Transitional sweaters have found a home in my wardrobe for every season. Whether with cutoffs, overalls or leather, that perfect piece adds a little something for even the most laid-back coffee shop adventures. 

[Photographed in a QUINN sweater]

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