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Parachute Home CEO Ariel Kaye’s Morning Routine

Parachute Home CEO Ariel Kaye’s Morning Routine

PHOTO:  Nicki Sebastian for Parachute

PHOTO: Nicki Sebastian for Parachute

There’s no place like bed, right? For Parachute Founder and CEO, Ariel Kaye, it was the interplay of design and wellness that prompted her to found the brand in 2014, a brand that has quickly gained a cult following of like-minded millennials who are skipping chain store bedding for something a little more luxurious. Parachute stole my heart from the start, from their beautiful basics made of the highest quality, to the undeniable attention to detail, and even better the fresh content that makes you feel connected, inspired, and like just maybe there's hope for your post-college, not-quite-adult-yet bed. 

Grab your coffee, sit back, and read on to get a glimpse into Ariel’s morning. We’re officially inspired.

7:00AM: I’m out of bed by 7:00AM. I’m much more productive on days where I have time to exercise and eat a good breakfast before reporting to the office. Starting the day right keeps me energized and focused.

7:15AM: I take my puppy, Lox, on a walk first thing in the morning...and then sneak in a cuddle session. She’s so cute, I can’t help it!

7:45AM: I answer any pressing emails before working out.

8:00AM: I love working out in the morning because my workday is so unpredictable. If I save working out until the evening, there’s a chance it won’t happen! Physical activity fuels me more than all the coffee in the world – it really gets my creativity flowing. Currently, I’m loving a mix of high intensity interval training at F45 and boxing at Box Union.

9:15AM: I’m home to get ready for work. It takes me about 20 minutes to shower and get ready on a typical day. My two go-to products are the Balancing Foaming Cleanser by Jurlique followed by Active Moist by Dermalogica.

9:35AM: Making time for breakfast is something I’m trying to focus on more. I’ve been whipping up a veggie scramble and a green juice before walking to the office.

9:50AM: I can’t leave the house without making my bed. It’s proven to make you happier and gives a sense of accomplishment. Most importantly, though, making your bed in the morning and getting between the sheets at night becomes a special ritual to bookend your day.

10:00AM: I wear many hats once I arrive at the Parachute office. I read and respond to emails, meet with various teams, pop in and out of the store to talk to customers, manage our investors and so on. I am actively involved in every part of the Parachute brand.

Get inspired and continue the Parachute journey on Instagram. Warning: addicting content ahead. 

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