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Santa Monica, CA: On Making Your Own Golden Hour

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In life, you'll find a lot of talk about timing. Those with good timing, those with bad timing, and those who take time for themselves. In photography, there's talk about the golden hour: the time shortly after sunrise or just before sunset when the light is just a little bit softer. It's that perfect moment, similar to the moments we wait for in life. 

This past week, I've experienced my fair share of golden hours, whether absorbing the sunset in Santa Monica, or taking in desert sights through Arizona. There's been a lot of twisting and turning through less-traveled roads (seriously has anyone ever driven on the 8 from California to Arizona?), and a whole lot of sunset snaps. 

For some, the golden hour may be that time that offers a perfect softness, but for me, golden hours—or golden moments—can happen anytime, any day. 

It's about making your own golden moments, because when it comes down to it, time really is everything. We have limited time to make things happen—whether that be capturing the perfect photo, experiencing something new, or making your dreams happen. 

So today, on this glorious Monday (said no one ever) I challenge you to make your own golden moments. 

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