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On Intimacy

Lacy Lingerie

I read an article recently about intimacy: about the bond you share intimately with another person. But what that article failed to mention is the bond you must first form with yourself. The whole idea of loving yourself before you could love someone else. 

Intimacy with yourself is all about cherishing simple moments spent alone: reading a book in the bathtub, jogging early in the morning (not that I've ever actually done that) and sometimes, it's about buying yourself delicate little intimates. The lacy-little-somethings that you can throw on, sip a glass of wine and enjoy a rainy night to yourself. 

This bond with yourself is so important. It's about treating yourself and your body right. It's about learning to love little things about yourself: your quirky habits, things that make you laugh--everything you'd do in a relationship with someone else, except it's about being in a relationship with yourself. 

I recently came across ThirdLove, the ultimate site for all-things lovely and lacy. It's pieces like these that create beautiful little moments to cherish. Moments that more than anything make you feel stunning.

Shop the photo: Bra and Lace Bikini c/o ThirdLove

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