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Six Must Have Summer Beauty Products


Because when will your beauty cabinet ever be complete? 

My beauty cabinet is about as extensive as my collection of coffee shop loyalty cards (very, very extensive). I frequently find myself scrolling through beauty blogs for hours, taking notes on the newest miracle cure for whatever it is that ails me at the moment (pores! hair growth! the benefits of facial oils!)

On the occasion that I fall head over heels for a particular product, I feel the need to share it with your beautiful faces. Keep reading to find out some of the best beauty products I've stumbled upon as of late.

1) Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil: I can only describe this product as the one thing my face has been missing out on. At first glance? It smells amazing, which is a huge plus. Even better, it works wonders. I swear I credit a pimple-free face (knock on wood) to this product. My skin (which can get pretty dry) has been moisturized and fresh feeling. Can't go wrong there.

2) Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream: Ok so not so new to the market, but definitely new to me. What can't you do with this stuff? I've used it to keep my eyebrows in place, to keep my phalanges moisturized in the winter and best yet, to keep my lips perfectly smooth. I always apply before any other lip products, which keeps the color set for an ungodly amount of time. 

3) NARS Blush in Orgasm: This blush will forever be my favorite, especially in the summer. I've had the multiple stick (which is seriously amazing for a multi-use product) and I now have my sights set on this little compact. The perfect shade for an allover summer glow. 

4) Maybelline BB Cream: So this is the only "foundation" I use on my face. I've tried so many others: Makeup Forever, Laura Mercier, you name it. But this is the only product that leaves my skin smooth and acne free. The added bonus of all the benefits for your skin is pretty great as well.

5) Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick in Vibrant Peachy Pink: This lipstick hasn't left my bag since I received it in a gift bag a few months ago. I hate dry lips. Hate it. But combining the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream (mentioned above) with this silky shade, my lips are left feeling great all day long. 

6) Essie Fifth Avenue: A few weeks ago a girlfriend and I grabbed a manicure. Sitting ever-so-sweetly on the shelf was this Essie color. First off, it's the perfect blend of red-meets-orange, a summer color that should never, ever leave my nails. I'm fairly certain I'm late to jump on the Essie-Fifth-Avenue band wagon, but this little number will be making frequent blog appearances this summer. 

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