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Meet & Blend with Henric Olsson-Weller of Pepper & Paul


As I walk into Why Not Coffee & Wine for the very first time, I instantly spot Henric Olsson-Weller, found of Pepper & Paul--the cinematic shopping experience that combines love and conscious fashion.

Olsson-Weller, decked out in a Rick Owens sweater and red Converse sneakers, sits back on a couch seat near the entrance, flipping through photo books between sips of his chai latte.

After a year of coordinating, casting, writing and composing, the Pepper & Paul IndieGoGo campaign has officially launched. And with it, the love story of two characters and an ethically conscious promise unlike any other shopping experience.


Name, Location, Occupation

Henric Olsson-Weller; Why Not Café; Founder and creative director of Pepper and Paul

Tell us a little bit about Pepper and Paul

Pepper and Paul is a cinematic shopping experience. It’s a place where you can discover and purchase sustainable and ethically produced products all in one place while following these two characters and their lives that are very relateable to everybody, I think. And to just kind of discover products through the world of Pepper and Paul.

The IndieGoGo campaign launched yesterday. What can viewers expect when they go to the website to watch an episode?

First of all, there’s no dialogue. So something they can definitely expect is some thought provoking, visually stunning content. It’s a series and there’s something that will make people want to come back to watch the next episode. Especially in terms of the different products. They’re extremely diverse. We’ll be using a lot of different assets in terms of animation and originally composed music to evoke certain emotions that are attached to these products.

Both Pepper and Paul have very distinct styles. What would they wear on their coffee outing?

I think Pepper would wear exactly whatever the fuck she wants to wear at that particular moment. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it was something completely different from what she wore yesterday

Paul is more basic. He’s very clean cut. He follows trends. And he’s like any other man: he likes a good fit and a good fabric and something that makes him feel good.

What’s the process like from start to finish for one Pepper and Paul episode?

It all begins in the story, and then we build the world of Pepper and Paul around that, in terms of products. Once the stylists see the script, then we shoot. After we shoot then that’s when the music gets elaborated Then we start working on graphics—any animation elements that we want to include.

Where do you gain inspiration?

Photo books. Marijuana—make sure you write that in there [laughs]. Just walking on the streets, you know? Observing people. I feel like I’ve become way more observant as a human being since I started this project. I’m just more interested in people and the way they look at things and the way they deal with certain situations. How they interact with one another, and how they fight  and laugh. And really everything. Just studying humans.

We’re talking a lot about the third place this week, and how coffee shops have become your home away from home. So what makes why not the third place.

Well one, it’s two blocks from my house, and two, it kind of goes back to what I was touching on from before. There are a lot of interesting people that come here that I can sit and observe. Maybe even start drafting a character around them.

What is your order?

A chai latte.

As told to Ellie Eckert on March 21, 2014

Henric was photographed at Why Not Coffee & Wine wearing a Rick Owens sweater, a vintage leather jacket, Acne jeans and Converse sneakers

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