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Matte Black Lattes and Egg Cappuccinos at Round K

Matte Black Lattes and Egg Cappuccinos at Round K


Welcome to Round K

Walking into Round K on New York's Lower East Side, you're instantly transformed into another world. Eccentric design fills the space, all drawing from early Korean culture – before its modernization in the 1990s.


See, it's unlike any other cafe in the city. It's filled with found objects lining wooden shelves, fresh roasted coffee on display, skateboards filling empty space around the bar. And when you find your way to the back of the space, beyond hanging beads and traditional cloths, you'll find yourself in a quaint seating area – a cozy, windowless room that surely transforms after dark.

But beyond the design is an equally unexpected menu. From matte black lattes to egg cappuccinos and even a wasabi latte, owner Ockhyeon ByeonByeon is serving up some of the most unique – and delicious – coffee drinks in the city.


The Matte Black Latte

Though it looks thick enough to be a milkshake, Round K’s version of the ever-so-trendy matte black latte is actually made from cacao powder, almond milk, and espresso. And what about activated charcoal? You won't find it here. Byeon instead uses organic coconut ash to turn the latte black. The best part? It's dairy free.    


The Egg Cappuccino

I was real, real excited about this one. Egg cappuccino – it sounds scary, right? Think again. To break it down, Round K's egg cappuccino is a regular cappuccino blended with an egg and espresso – and it is absolutely delicious. 

At Round K, the baristas aren't just fixtures lining up to serve up your morning caffeine and send you on your way. Quite the opposite, actually. The staff at Round K are like actors – the starring role of a new broadway hit. They're stirring, whipping, and brewing, putting on a headlining show while listening to your stories, getting to know the customers. It truly is an experience, one you won't want to miss if you're in New York City. 


Round K
99 Allen Street
New York, NY 10002
(917) 475-1423




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