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Loving (And Leaving) The City: A Day at Coney Island

People love New York. Really Love it. There are books about it--poems professing one's love for it. It's addicting, really, much like my morning latte runs and obsessive hours on Pinterest. You can't get enough. Even when you know it's not good for you.

But like anything, in order to truly appreciate something you must leave it. And leave it I did. 

Droid and Verizon gave me a challenge, the Droid Summer Challenge, that is. I escaped the city--the routine, the heat, the hustle and bustle--for a day of sun and fun (sorry, I had to). If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen some snaps I captured on the new Droid: everything from corn dogs to death trap Ferris wheels. 

These days are most important to me. The days where it feels as if I've escaped far far away from skyscrapers and arrived in a land of sunshine and seashells--beers and greasy carnival food. These are the days when I come home appreciating the city even more. They're the days when I really learn to relax and be thankful for the little things. 


I was photographed by Design Unedited in Coney Island on June 7, 2014 in collaboration with Droid Maxx.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Blouse: Planet Blue (check out this bohemian style tie up blouse) | Shorts: QSW (similar shorts by Genetic Denim) | Shoes: H&M (Vegabond has a great Birkenstock style sandal) | Necklaces: Vintage (check out this awesome choker and this amazing fish bone necklace) | Sunglasses: Ray Ban 

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