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Litte Fox Cafe; Chinatown

There are plenty of coffee shops in NYC, but rarely are they as cozy as Little Fox Cafe

Recently, during one of our many snow days, I was slipping and sliding down Kenmare street, praying the sensation would come back to my feet, and promising I'd never spend another winter in the snow. It was a regular post-Christmas Grinch moment, but I couldn't help it. 

That's when I spotted Little Fox Cafe. They boasted creative insanity in every cup, and the decor was something I couldn't pass up (it was also very Pin-worthy, so that was a huge plus).

This is one of those rare downtown coffee shops that aren't too overcrowded. Instead, a few people worked on their computers from nearby tables, while I settled in with my notebook, trying my best to defrost from the insanely cold Polar Vortex nonsense plaguing our lives. Sorry, I'll become less bitter about this when it starts to get warmer.  

[Little Fox Cafe; 62 Kenmare Street, China Town]

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