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Lie Sang Bong FW 14 show diary

My alarm goes off at 9 a.m.--I know, overachiever. It’s Wednesday morning. Typically I’d be finishing my first class of the day, but today, classes are cancelled for Lie Sang Bong. Ok fine, it’s for our President’s Day holiday. 

I roll out of bed after checking emails, Instagram and Twitter on my phone. According to those whom I follow, it’s cold outside. Like really cold. 

The day doesn’t start until I’ve had the first sips of my latte. So after inspecting my pores for exactly three minutes, I conjure up a little caffeine and throw on my make up. Amber, my friend and sometimes photographer, is on her way to shoot some photos before the show. 

At approximately 11:35 am, we’re out the door and hailing a cab to take us to Lincoln Center. The cab smells like pizza. Note to self: order pizza immediately upon returning home.

We arrive at Lincoln Center ten minutes before showtime and grab some video footage while running to the tents. It’s cold. Really cold. Should have listened to those Tweet-ers. After stopping to pose for a few photos, I run inside to take my seat for the show. 

Side note: I had been looking forward for the Lie Sang Bong show for like, all of fashion week. Yesterday, on what seemed like the second coldest day of the year (today was the first), I waddled my way to the west side to visit the showroom. There, while the team went through final show details, I got to play dress up and act like a modern day princess. 

Anywho, as I waited for the show to start in my full-on Lie Sang Bong outfit, I was able to catch up with some friends (like Rachel from The Style Line!), and anticipate what would be coming down the runway. 

A few minutes and some Instagram snaps later, the lights dimmed and the music cued. These first few seconds of any fashion show are my favorite. The energy is explosive. 

I watched as gorgeous pieces swooped past me, taking mental notes of everything that would eventually be on my wish list. 

After the show, I went to meet up with Amber, only stopping in the frigid cold for some street style photographers and impromptu interviews. We jumped in the first cab we saw and headed back to my apartment--and not a second too soon. I think I’ve finally regained sensation in my fingers.

I get home and it’s straight to the computer. The next few hours will be dedicated to uploading photos, writing and scheduling posts for the week. At approximately 1:36 p.m., I order a pizza. 

[Photographed at Lincoln Center wearing Lie Sang Bong]

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