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Let's Be Honest

“When I create , there I am true” -Rainer Maria Rilke

I’ve learned many different things since moving to New York: how to navigate the subway system, the art of networking and where to find the best late night pizza. But the most important thing I’m learning, pizza slice aside, is how to be honest in what I’m creating.

Flash back to sixth grade, when a diary was the most sacred thing that I owned. That same year, my mom bought me an “electronic diary.” A futuristic take on the old pen-and-paper tactic that required you say a password before it would unlock. Pretty clever, huh? 

Well it was, until two days later when I came down with a cold, and it no longer recognized my voice. Where would I write my deepest darkest secrets?! Needless to say “Password Journal” didn’t exactly work out for me. 

Back to my point. Even under virtual lock and key, my entries read more like a story book. One that I figured someone, somewhere would read. I filtered every thought; who knows who could have gotten their hands on it. That was when I first started to write “dishonestly,” or not really disclosing what I truly meant, or felt. 

Now, after three years in New York, I can say that if there’s one thing I’ve truly learned, it’s how to be more comfortable with myself; with my writing, photography, and anything else I may be inclined to create. 

It’s a hard thing to spill your guts onto a blank page of paper, or to put everything you have into a new piece of art. It’s hard to trust yourself enough to know that you have something to say, and while it may not appeal to everyone, and not everyone may get it, it’s still yours. It’s still something you’re passionate about. It’s still art. 

[Photographed on the Lower East Side wearing D-ID faux leather pants, a cooper & ella blouse, an H&M cardigan and a lunch bag clutch from Etsy]

Backstage at Diego Binetti with Lumix and Panasonic

Litte Fox Cafe; Chinatown