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Know who you are - Dress accordingly

"Style 101: Know who you are. Dress accordingly."

In high school, I lived in Soffe shorts and oversized teeshirts. Ease was my only concern. Starting school at 7 a.m. will do that to a person.

There was never any miscommunication. My style, if I had one at all, was built around comfort and an easy-peasy state of mind. I still maintain the same mentality. If I'm going to be running around the city, or writing at a nearby coffee shop, I don't want to be fidgeting with my outfit. Done up from head to toe was never me. It seemed like too much work.

I get asked about my personal style a lot: "tell us about your personal style. What three words describe your personal style?" The truth is, I wear what I love. One day I might take a skirt for a spin, the next a pair of cutoffs. But the constant has always been the laid-back attitude. 

I've learned a lot of things in the past four years, but the knowledge of knowing who you are and dressing accordingly is the most beneficial. While I love Olivia Palermo's tailored getups, that never seemed to work for me personally. 

I'm learning everyday about the things that I like and don't--the things that work for me and those that should be retired immediately. It's a fun journey, though, and each day becomes a little bit clearer. 


Tank: H&M
Bra: ThirdLove
Shorts: Mango (now on sale!)
Rings: Gold bar ring - Pamela Love for TOPSHOP Aztec Ring. Gold Thumb ring - H&M
Button down (on waist): Thrifted

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