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In Defense of Mondays

In Defense of Mondays

In Defense of Mondays (and Sweater Dresses)

photos by Daniel Gabrielson

"May your coffee be strong and your Monday short."

Another week, another Monday. Only this week, I'm writing in defense of the lamest day of the week (Hey, I'm just the messenger). 

I woke up this morning in some sort of twilight zone: I did my typical stretch-reach-for-phone combination only to discover I had a good hour head start on my alarm. With too much energy to soak up the last hour of sleep (who am I?!) I jumped out of bed to get the week started. 

I took my time choosing an outfit and stared at my eyebrows for a bit too long (I'm desperately trying to make them grow—it's a long, tedious task). 

In those morning moments, I realized something: Mondays don't have to suck

And so I'm suggesting that since "Casual Friday" is a thing, "Even More Casual Monday," should be the newest thing. 

For example, I'm also writing in defense of sweater dresses as the absolute best solution to a Monday outfit. It's easy, it's cozy and it's the closest I'll get to wearing a blanket to work.

Today, I'll also embrace Spice Girls radio on Pandora, because hey! It's Monday and we need the extra oomph.

Also on your new Monday to do list? Hot chocolate runs, because easing into the week should be done on a delicious note. 


In Defense of Mondays


Dress: Vintage (from American Gypsy Vintage). Check out this slouchy knit dress I'm currently stalking. 

Coffee Embodied with The Style Line

What's on your dream to-do list?