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How to Make the Most of Your Mornings

How to Make the Most of Your Mornings

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Mornings – at least to me – are the most magical time of day. The world isn’t quite awake, a hazy fog sits over the city; it’s the perfect time to sit, reflect, and plan. A good morning routine can set the scene for your entire day. A slow pour, a few deep breaths, it’s all in preparation for what’s to come next. This week, challenge yourself to take mornings a little slower – you won’t be sorry.

Brew a Better Cup

Who remembers early mornings before school, when mom or dad would rush through the kitchen, coffee in hand, aiming to get everyone out the door before the clock struck late? We live in a go-go-go world, where we’re constantly running to this meeting or that appointment, but never taking time to sit back and smell – or perfect – a better cup of coffee. I love taking mornings in stride, even if that means waking up a little earlier, making a hot cup of pour over coffee, and sitting back to enjoy every sip. 

Spa Day, Every Day

Who says you can’t indulge mid-week? Early in the morning, when the house is still quiet and my coffee is still steaming, there’s nothing I love more than taking my skincare routine slow. Steam, cleanse, hydrate. After a long night, there’s nothing better – or more relaxing – than sitting in front of a mini facial steamer, a handy machine that opens your pores, hydrates and detoxifies your face, and makes mornings all the more luxurious. Follow it up with a cleansing mask, then Kiehl's ultra hydrating overnight mask if you’re recovering from a few too many glasses of wine. 

Get Your Mind Right

Start the day by focusing on the things you’re truly grateful for, and don’t forget to write it all down. Reflecting on thoughts, goals, and accomplishments is a guaranteed way to boost your mood, mindfulness, and overall wellbeing. What's better? I find it makes my days even more productive. 

Be Inspired

I don’t know about you, but my day doesn’t start without a hefty dose of inspiration. Perusing blogs and YouTube channels, Pinning, and watching TED Talks are a few ways to get the mind rolling – especially before a long day of deadlines and meetings. We’re all different, though, and some might gather inspiration in other ways, like meditating early in the morning, going for a quick run, or listening to some upbeat music. What are some of the ways you like to get inspired? 

Find a Little Fuel

I have to admit, I’m the worst about eating breakfast. And when I say “the worst” I mean that I don’t actually eat breakfast. But, after binge watching a few YouTube videos, and realizing there are ways to get creative with the first meal of the day, I decided, what the hell, may as well give it a try. Romee Strijd is the queen of antioxidant-packed breakfasts. See how to make her overnight oats here.

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