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Four things I've learned during Four Years in NYC

Maison Jules Surplice Dress

So you want to move to NYC?

photos by Daniel Gabrielson

"If it scares you it might be a good thing to try it." - Seth Godin

Four years ago today, I landed in New York City with tears in my eyes and four overstuffed suitcases housing the contents of my life (Juicy Sweatpants, bathing suits--necessary New York attire...). 

In those four years, I've learned a lot about myself, like, for instance, anything pink should be worn in moderation, and if you're going to wear anything at all, it better be for you. I've learned that dresses, like this Maison Jules surplice dress, don't have to be girly. You can wear boots in the summer, and you can wear them with whatever the hell you want.

In honor of my fourth New York anniversary, I'm sharing four things I've learned about NYC living since my first rainy day on the Lower East Side.

1) Only you can make your New York dream happen: As with anything in life, the grass is always greener on the other side, and New York is no different. You'll dream of a big city with big opportunities. You'll get lost in your mind thinking of sipping cappuccinos at darling cafés. You'll smile considering your new New York love. And this will all happen. But in order to get to the really great parts of New York, it requires you weeding your way through trash-filled streets and smelly subways. But you will weed your way through, and I promise, it'll be worth it.

2) There's life after your fifth-floor walkup: Chances are sometime during your New York journey you'll have a walk up. You'll probably be on the fifth floor, and you'll most likely curse it every time you pull your way up five flights with an ungodly amount of groceries. I've got three words for you: buns. of. steel. 

3) It's ok to be alone: New York is a city made for dining along, sipping coffee alone and pumping out your novel, you guessed it, alone. As Carrie Bradshaw said once or twice, the city is your date, and when you're sipping that cappuccino at that darling café you once dreamt about, be open to meeting strangers, because they all have a story you'll want to hear. 

4) Last but most certainly not least, there's a common misconception that the women walking down New York streets are flawless. Hell, Taylor Swift leaving the gym completely made up is now a thing. But it's not like that. Those stilettos you saw strutting through the Meat Packing? They're definitely causing some major blisters. Here's an insider tip: even the most seasoned New Yorkers carry flats in their Céline. 

Maison Jules Surplice Dress
Maison Jules Surplice Dress
Maison Jules Surplice Dress
Maison Jules Surplice Dress


Cardigan: Thrifted
Hat: NYC Market
Dress: Surplice dress by Maison Jules (similar pattern) c/o
Boots: Acne


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