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Five things they don't tell you about New York Fashion Week

5 Things they don't tell you about New York Fashion Week

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"Every year the women of New York leave the past behind and look forward to the future... this is known as Fashion Week." - Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Sex and the City

This week, thousands of people will flock to Lincoln Center dressed up in their Sunday’s Fashion Week’s best to watch oh-so-beautiful items grace the runway. You’ll see it on, and some of you may even be at those tents (holla!). But there are some things about NYFW that you won't hear in the glossies. 

This evening, I’m speaking on a panel for AOL’s Build Series (you can watch it live at 6pm EST if you’re so inclined), and when talking to the team, so many memories of my first fashion week season were brought back. The outfit I was wearing, the feeling, the rush, the excitement. You can never really replicate that feeling, but it’s one that will stay with you forever.

Before attending my first show, Fashion Week seemed like some kind of fantasy place you only really experience in Sex and the City. Honestly, is it even real? Could that many perfectly primed people really gather in the same place at the same time?

I was never prepped on what to expect during my first day of shows, but I do remember an incredibly nerve racking cab ride and an even more intimidating walk through the plaza.

So here, dear fashion enthusiasts are a few things to expect during your first time at New York Fashion Week.






1)   Photographers: This is kind of obvious, but flashing back to little ‘ol me barreling out of a cab only to fix my eyes on swarms of photographers was quite possibly the coolest thing ever. Want to feel like a celebrity for at least a few minutes? Dress up in something eccentric (really, people wear costumes) and walk through the plaza at Lincoln Center.

2)   Inside the tents: A fairytale? Carrie Bradshaw? Pretty much. Imagine the most stylish people you can think of. Then picture booths for hair touch ups, spaces to lounge on your computer, Mercedes Benz cars, an outdoor space to smoke and sip on whatever juice you brought along, people handing out magazines, Anna Wintour running to her next show. It’s pretty surreal, and I often wonder if I’ve entered some sort of fashion realm that doesn’t actually exist.

3)   Checking in: Using your name to check in is so five years ago. Just kidding. Kind of. After entering the land of Oz (Fashion) you’re graced with little check-in stations, where you promptly scan your smart phone and a little receipt flies out of the machine. This “receipt” holds your seat number (or standing space, which I’ll get to next). You’ll then head to whatever studio that particular show is held in: the hub, the theatre, the pavilion or the salon, and wait to be let in. If you’re seated, you’ll be let into the space first, followed by “standing room only,” which was once synonymous with “blogger.”

4)   Standing room: Standing room is one of those dreaded tickets because a) you’re standing in absurdly tall heels for far too long (the wait is probably three times longer than the show) and b) you’ll be standing behind all of the seated guests. Sometimes it’s better—if you’ve got a great zoom lens, you’ll have uninterrupted shots. But other times you’ll be wishing you opted for flats. Once upon a time this space was practically reserved for bloggers. Now, you'll find the likes of Leandra Medine (The Man Repeller) and Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast in the front row.

5)   The show: My favorite part (obviously). The lights will dim, the music will start, and the models will immerge in clothing you never knew you needed. The energy is undeniable. You’ll hold your breath for six straight minutes and go about your day on a fashion-induced high.

Psst! Follow along on the journey for the next few days on Instagram. There will be plenty of heels, coffee and cab rides.

5 Things they don't tell you about New York Fashion Week
5 Things they don't tell you about New York Fashion Week
5 Things they don't tell you about New York Fashion Week


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