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Fate Can Be Funny

"Here's to fate and the fun journey ahead." -Sari Anne Tuschman

One spring, while flipping through FOAM Magazine, I came across the editor’s note from the new Editor-in-Chief, Sari Anne Tuschman. She brought readers through the story of the first time she got her hands on a copy of FOAM. The magazine was everything she loved: fashion, music, the outdoors. 

“Should I quit my job and go work at this magazine?” She asked, half kidding. 

But that’s exactly what she did--four years later. 

When former EIC Kristina Dechter called offering Tuschman the position of Editor-in-Chief, it was fate. The magazine she had discovered four years before, the one she vowed to quit her job to work for, was calling her, offering her the job of her dreams. 

Fate can be funny. Whats meant to be will always find its way. Across oceans, over great distances--the things that are supposed to happen in our lives always find a way of coming together. 

Sari left readers with one last affirmation: “Here’s to fate and the fun journey ahead.” Here’s to those dream jobs. Here’s to the little hopes and wishes making their place in the back of your mind. Here’s to fate. 

[Photographed at home wearing a cooper & ella blouse, an H&M oversized beanie (similar), 7 For All Mankind (now on sale!)

Litte Fox Cafe; Chinatown

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