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Is Summer Actually Over?

"Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile." - William Cullen Bryant

I vaguely remember a day earlier this year, actually, it was just a few short months ago. I remember walking out of my apartment sans sweater. It was a sweet, sweet feeling, and I remember thinking that it would never end.

"Summer is here. Winter is gone at last! Cold weather be damned!"

This post didn't start out as a goodbye letter to summer, but it's sure feeling like it. Just a few months after warm days graced the city, they seem to be leaving.

While fall is probably my favorite season (sweaters! pumpkins! crunchy leaves!) it almost feels like my long lost best friend is moving away and won't return for another year. 

Labor Day never seemed relevant when living in Florida. Sure, it meant a long weekend, but a shift in the seasons? Nope. Here in New York you can feel it. Picture frames at Montauk's Surf Lodge are left crooked on the wall, as if depicting the sign of a perfect summer. Beach towels are folded up and placed in the back of the closet, waiting for the next beach season. 

While this all sounds seriously depressing (I can't decide yet if it is or not) the changing seasons actually excite me, especially when it comes to fall. I love the shades, the crunchy leaves, the sweater-short combo. 

The changing seasons--although the first official day of fall isn't for a few weeks--seems like the perfect time to rewrite goals, crack open a new notebook and clean out your closet in preparation for the new. Why wait until New Year's to make a change? The end of summer is the perfect time to re-write your story.

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