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On Embracing the Storm

Embracing the Storm

photo by Daniel Gabrielson

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain."

I love storms. The bigger the clouds the better. The louder the lightening--the darker the sky, I can't help but get overly excited at the first sign of a rumbling sky. 

I'm writing this post poolside, except this time, I'm under an awning, sheilding myself from not sun, but a storm rolling in. The sky is beginning to crackle--enough so to consider finishing this piece from behind glass doors--and the trees beyond the pool are swaying full force. 

This kind of day evokes memories of past Florida storms. The cable TV would surely be out, and with that the Internet. In typical form, I began pondering the ways I could embrace the storm technology free (this post doesn't count). 

Arts & Crafts: Ok, so this is practically storm etiquette 101, but hear me out. Stormy days feel like the perfect time to craft a motivation board, flip through magazines for potential collages or take advantage of your Pinterest DIY board.  

Read: If the Internet is out (it's not actually, but we're pretending here) and, hypothetically speaking, so is Instagram, you've got the perfect opportunity to read. Whether it's the book that's been on your nightstand for weeks (you mean it's not for décor purposes?) or the magazine collecting dust on your coffee table, you've got some time to dive in. Make some popcorn (I'll allow the microwave or stovetop to remain working in our hypothetical situation), light some candles and get cozy. We're making use of the storm. 

Storms come into our lives and begin just as quickly as they come to an end. They enter full force, dismantling anything they come in contact with. But, no matter how big or small, it has a way of trickling out just when you think there'd be no sun by the end of the day. They test your patience, and only those who are willing to dance in the rain will be faced with a rainbow.


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