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Disposable Camera Captures: A Weekend in New York

Do you ever just let go sometimes? 

I mean really let go? Shut off your phone, escape emails, not make any plans? 

I may not be the best at detaching from the world, but I seem to have succeeded for the last few days.  

Last weekend, after a long week of meetings, emails and too many errands, I took the time to really recover. Being a student, most of my weekend hours are clogged with school work and long hours of editing. But that weekend, I put my foot down. 

These particular days, emails were left unread, school work was absolutely not happening and chores could wait. I grabbed a disposable camera (which was mysteriously taking up space in my apartment) and set out to discover more of the city I love. There were coffee dates, late nights at the corner pizza spot and evenings spent in Long Island City, watching the city escape behind the setting sun. 

I challenge you to take a day for yourself--whether it be a beautiful weekend day or a mid-week personal day. Grab a disposable camera and set out to explore your city. You won't be sorry. 

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