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On the Scene: Coffee Trends from the 2017 New York Coffee Festival

On the Scene: Coffee Trends from the 2017 New York Coffee Festival

PHOTO:    Flickr

PHOTO: Flickr

The New York Coffee Festival has come and gone, and with it my 24-hour caffeine high. Walking into the Metropolitan Pavilion was part surreal, part “where have you been all my life.” From booth to booth, there were roasters, hardware, pastries, cafe owners, happiness – you get the idea. I took a spin around the festival (and another spin, and then another) to report back on what’s trending on the coffee scene – the 2017 edition. 

Artisanal Coffee on the Go

From single-serve packs to on-the-go brewing devices, taking your artisanal coffee from kitchen to, well, wherever, was huge. Full Circle showed off their Ziptuck bags as a way to keep your beans fresh on the go (Camping? Done. New York Fashion Week? Beans on lock.) along with their new Brumi pour over bottle to make your own personal cup (hot or cold) wherever you may be.

Customize Your Chemex

Chemex steps up once again – adding a little personal flair to your kitchen has never been easier. Choose your color (there are new rawhide shades, like concrete grey and jet black), engrave it, and make it yours. Even better? If you’re anything like me – struggling with the scientific goodness that is pour over – you can now use your trusty Chemex with the Ottomatic, a system that does all the work for you. Make it hot or cold, the choice is yours.

A Little More Maple

Can we take moment to appreciate maple (syrup)? This is a really interesting time in coffee. While so many brands are going back to basics, serving their coffees black to focus on the delicious, bold flavor coming out of each bean, some are getting crafty with their delivery. Nobletree and Variety Coffee Roasters are two brands embracing maple in their menus, with Nobletree offering their cold brew coffee with milk and maple syrup (omg) and Variety Coffee Roasters serving a maple-cold-brew-cotton-candy concoction. Is maple the new thing in coffee?

Farm to Table Coffee

Devocion is one Brooklyn-based coffee roaster offering the freshest of the fresh beans. Sourcing from Colombia, beans are shipped to the USA just 10 days after “green” for roasting, making them – I guess you could say – the only farm-to-table coffee roaster out there right now, and you can definitely taste the difference. 

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