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Coffee Talk with Luke Harwood of Happy Bones NYC


Last summer, in an effort to combat the balmy weather, I headed downtown in search of any cafe that boasted air conditioning and a mean iced americano. I emerged from the subway and strolled toward Nolita. There, hidden on Bond Street was a sign promising coffee and publications--my two favorite things. In the back of a vintage shop lived one of the city's little hidden treasures: Happy Bones NYC.

Today, nearly a year later, Happy Bones lives in its own storefront on Broome Street. A small space accented with art, books and natural sunshine from an above skylight provides the perfect space for an afternoon pick me up.


I sat down with Luke Harwood, part owner of Happy Bones and co-founder of rebellious fashion label, Stolen Girlfriends Club to chat about coffee, inspiration and the story behind how the coffee shop came to be.

Name, Location, Occupation

Luke Harwood; 394 Broome St.; Director of Stolen Girlfriends Club and partner in Happy Bones Coffee Shop

Why a coffee shop?

I’m really passionate about coffee. New Zealand, Antipodean style coffee--we have really good coffee. And when I first moved to NY I found it really hard to find good coffee. Since I’ve been here over the years, coffee business and coffee has expanded and there’s some really great places now. But when I first moved here it was hard to find good coffee. I was passionate to have good coffee. 

Happy Bones is based around espresso and art. How did the two come together?

I think that coffee should be--even though it’s such a basic part of your day, a basic ritual--I think it should be an inspirational thing. When you have a coffee it’s usually to start your day like its a ritual. Or your going to meet up with your girlfriends or friends to have coffee. Or maybe youre going to meet someone to talk about business and I really think that good coffee, good presentation should be supported with an inspirational sort of environment. 

Where do you gain inspiration?

Probably from punk, London rock and roll sort of things. Especially for my other business and brand [Stolen Girlfriends Club] 

What’s your coffee order?

I get a flat white. It’s basically a stronger version of a latte.

How would you describe your personal style?

Pretty bad [laughs] No I would say disheveled. Unpretentious. 

Luke was photographed at Happy Bones NYC wearing a Stolen bomber jacket and tee

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