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Coffee Talk with Gil Sasson of My Way Cup


Almost four years ago, on a sunny day in August, I slowly circled my school desperately searching for coffee. I was a freshman in a big city with no clue about the coffee shops I'd embark on. A few months later, I'd inevitably found myself sitting in my school's second floor cafe, which "proudly brews Starbucks Coffee."

As I sat with my then roommate, sipping a watered-down coffee, I overheard a conversation happening at the table next to us. After "shhh-ing" my roommate, I leaned a bit closer to said table. 

"It's literally the best coffee in the neighborhood," unknown person A proclaimed. 

"The best?" unknown person B questioned.

"Absolutely," A confirmed

A few years and too many cups of My Way Coffee to keep track of, I can absolutely agree with unknown person A. On this chilly afternoon in March, I sat down with My Way Cup owner, Gil Sasson  


Name, Location, Occupation

Gil Sasson; 102 East 23rd Street; Owner, My Way Cup

What's the story behind My Way?

Actually, I was working here for about three years, and the old owner built the place. I liked the concept, so I wanted to keep it. Our thing is customer service. We want to be nice. Give good and fast service. The coffee has to be perfect--great preparation for the lattes. 

What are some of your favorite aspects of owning a coffee shop? 

Being able to serve people. When people come get coffee--that smile on their face--that's good for me. Having people drink good coffee--not just shitty coffee from any place just to drink it. They really enjoy it. The atmosphere, the coffee, it's fun. 

You have a really loyal customer base. What makes the shop so inviting? 

I think for a lot of people this is an escape during the day. They come here, we have conversations, some of them even tell us what's going on [in their life]. It's a good escape. Plus, like we already mentioned, the good coffee and the great atmosphere. 

What's your coffee order? 

I specifically just drink either espresso or black drip coffee.


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