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Surprising Coffee Table Alternatives

Surprising Coffee Table Alternatives


What makes a house a home? The photographs? A fridge stocked with your favorite foods? A trusty coffee maker that would never, ever let you down? While I'd agree on all of the above, I'd also have to add one element that soars above the rest. One that becomes the heart and soul of your home. You can eat on it, host move nights around it – the list is endless. 

Enter, the coffee table: a furniture staple that can make or break the room.

But when it comes to rules of home decor – a layered rug here, a perfectly measured gallery wall there – are the "rules" simply guidelines that are meant to be broken? While a standard coffee table is a quick way to make over the space, an unexpected alternative can take your home up a notch. See some of our favorite ideas below, and read the full article on MyDomaine.  

PHOTO:  Inger Johanna

"When the look of a behemoth coffee table is too heavy, consider grouping side tables together instead. The collection will make for a lighter coffee table solution."

PHOTO:  Bethany Nauert , designed by  Emily Henderson

PHOTO: Bethany Nauert, designed by Emily Henderson

"Not only does a trunk add structure and style to your living room, but it will also increase your storage options. If just one trunk isn’t enough to store all of your blankets and children’s toys, try placing two next to one another."

PHOTO:  via  Living Etc. 

PHOTO:  via Living Etc. 

"If you’re prone to kicking your feet up on the coffee table, why not make the ritual more comfortable by replacing your coffee table with an ottoman? A tray on the cushy ottoman will keep your essentials corralled and your drinks steady."

Any other ideas? Share them below!

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