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Coffee Embodied with The Style Line

City Brewed x The Style Line

Coffee, anyone?

photos via The Style Line

"Finding that place where you feel at home is what coffee shop culture is all about." - Ellie Eckert via The Style Line

You know those websites you instantly fall in love with? The ones that you frequent each morning before even bothering to login to your email? 

The Style Line is one of those websites. I always find myself headed to the site to discover new people, places and things, but more than that it seems like a community; one that I wanted to be a part of. 

So when Rachel, The Style Line's founder reached out about a feature, it took me about .5 seconds to respond (no, really). 

Rachel came to my Upper East Side apartment last Friday to chat coffee, community and of course, clothing over some delicious pastries. Head to The Style Line to read more about how I embodied coffee in three different looks. 

City Brewed x The Style Line
City Brewed x The Style Line
City Brewed x The Style Line

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