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Choker Necklaces are Back

Our new favorite accessory trend

Getting dressed in the morning is a lot of "eh," and and a little bit of "ok, this will do." After tumbling out of bed, fumbling with my email and pretending to wake up (sometimes I move from bed to couch, and then again from couch to bed) I usually push my way through clothes hung haphazardly, hoping for something to magically jump out at me. 

Sometimes there are the "ah-ha" moments, but mostly it's me deciding on variations of the same outfit: denim, slouchy tees, heels and tons of dainty jewelry. Is it weird that I feel naked without rings? 

Besides my rings, I'm always sporting necklaces. Usually the ones that I never take off, but sometimes I like to add to the party happening on my neck.

Enter, choker necklaces. You've seen them lurking on Pinterest, and you've most definitely seen good 'ol chokers on Etsy

Similar to the rest of my jewelry game, I like to layer, and these babies are no exception. If you're interested in dipping your hands in this accessory trend, try adding a bit of your style to the mix, like layering delicate necklaces of different lengths beneath the choker. 

Discover some of my favorites from the City Brewed e-shop and let me know if you're loving or hating this trend.

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