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Casual Friday


As I write this post, watching rain fall from my window, I begin to tick the hours off in my head until it's officially the weekend. Between pressing the email "send" button, I escape into my mind, piecing through my wardrobe one sweater at a time.


I secretly live for gloomy Fridays. Watching the rain pour down as you wait for your morning coffee--it's the perfect way to enter into a leisurely weekend. You slowly stroll to the office, not bothering to do the New Yorker speed walk. It's Friday. It's raining. You have permission to take it easy.

This evening, as the weather continues to brood softly into the night, I plan on heading to my favorite neighborhood wine bar. I'll suit up in some of my favorite pieces: a pair of Anne Fontaine tuxedo trousers that easily dress up or down, and a Stella McCartney sweater that is perfect for days like today.

I'll sit at the bar--Malbec please--and enjoy a quiet night. Afterall, it's Friday, it's raining. I have permission to take it easy.

Anne Fontaine Pants
Stella McCartney cropped sweater (similar here, here and here)

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