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Fall Lip Colors from your Local Drugstore

Best Lip Color Fall 2014

Because everyone loves drugstore shopping sprees

Ten bucks and some time to kill? Head to your nearest drugstore. 

This week has been a lot of on the go. Cars, airplanes, would you believe me if I said bikes? 

Between flights I gave you a glimpse inside my suitcase, but what I didn't unzip is my beauty bag – one that has come together after many Sephora impulse splurges, too many hours on Into the Gloss and even more impulsive drugstore buys. 

The thing about the latter? The drugstore finds are the ones I keep coming back to. Maybelline's BB cream hasn't left my Chanel makeup bag since last fashion week (and it's not going anywhere anytime soon) and my arsenal of lipsticks? I'm lookin' at you, CVS.

And so, because for some reason road trips seem like the perfect time to ransack pharmacies for unnecessary items (there was that hat during a Walgreens pit stop last year), here's a list of trusty lipsticks you can find on the go (and for cheap!). 

Revlon: I considered ending this list after the first bullet, because honestly, Revlon lipstick is where it's at. There's never a shortage of perfectly deep shades that are moisturizing to boot. 

Your fall option: Caramel Glace: Kinda brown, kinda red, kinda perfect. 

Maybelline: I'm always one for a red lip. Bad day? Reach for the red lipstick. Slow morning? Red lipstick. Can't be bothered to wear color? Red lipstick will do.

Your fall option: Are You Red-Dry: The perfect super-bright red you need this season. 

Rimmel: One of my absolute favorite beauty tricks for quick, on the go makeup is dabbing my finger on the lipstick and gently patting the color over the middle of my lips. Try priming your lips with a bit of Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream, then applying the color. It's the easiest way to get a natural look with some subtle color.

Your fall option: Berry Rose: The perfect shade for just-bitten lips. 


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