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Balayage Highlights with Jax at Fekkai Soho & a Promotion!

8:37 am: Rise and shine. Damn it feels good to be alarm-free. I wakeup slowly, taking time to sip my morning coffee and make notes for today's to-do list. Also posing the age-old question, "do blondes have more fun?"

12:17 pm: I wait for the 6 train to head down to Soho. Spring was here two days ago. Today? Leather jacket weather is quite the understatement. We're headed to Fekkai for a color service with Jax. Lighter spring locks, here I come!

1:08 pm: I sit down with Jax for a consulting session. She talks the balayage technique, and why it's a great way to highlight your hair. 

"So balayage is basically hair painting. It's the best way to highlight your hair because it's the most natural. I love it because each colorist has a different style. It's also much healthier for the hair (instead of foils). It sits right on the hair instead of stripping it, like a foil would. Using foils is almost like putting your hair in the microwave--there's so much heat. 

2:15 pm: Application, complete! I flip through In Style between taking selfies. I resist the urge to send a group text with my plastic wrap helmet-head. 

Note: At approximately 2:18 pm, said group text was sent. 

3:12 pm: After a therapeutic wash, Jax is ready to style. She used Fekkai's Coiff product to achieve a beachy, undone look. (Try products from the new collection to achieve a similar look!)

"Balayage highlights can give your hair a lot of texture you may not necessarily have. In the summer when you want to wear this wavy, undone look, it's easier to achieve when you have that extra texture." 


4:05 pm: Et voila! Home with lighter locks just in time for a quick Florida escape.

P.S. I'm almost positive that blondes do have more fun. 

Pssst! That's not all. Frédéric Fekkai opened his very first salon in 1989 and to celebrate this milestone, the salon is offering a discount on hair cut and color services to those who were born in 1989 or later. First time clients at all Fekkai salons will receive a discount of 50% off hair cut and color services when using code word “Femme Fekkai” at booking. This offer is valid with any Fekkai stylist/colorist including Frédéric himself. 

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