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Backstage at Diego Binetti with Lumix and Panasonic

Join me backstage with Panasonic and LUMIX

I strive for many things in life: to give 100% in all of my endeavors, to have a positive outlook on all situations (ok, most situations), and to achieve the most perfectly tousled hair. I’m on my way with numbers one and two, but number three (said tousled hair) I’ve yet to achieve. 

It takes a certain kind of skill, or patience rather, to perfect that “just out of bed" hair, which is ironic, given it has previously taken me the better portion of an hour. 

Enter Panasonic, and their miracle-esque tools that have given the above models such a beautiful look (in no time at all, I’m told). 

Yesterday morning, after having avoided fashion week for almost three days, I rolled out of bed, taking the blankets with me but unfortunately not the tousled look--who want’s to count how many times I’ve said “tousled” so far in this post?

Anyway, after fueling up with my morning latte and rummaging through my wardrobe in a hurricane-like manner, I ended up on the west side, preparing to go backstage at the Diego Benneti F/W ’14 show. If there’s one thing I like more than tousled hair (four times--I counted), it’s a loft space that captures all the natural light available in New York City. 

The Panasonic team was on site and ready to give us a little tutorial on the products. A futuristic blowdryer (the blowdryer of my dreams, should I dream of one), was used to get that unfussy look I strive for but have not yet accomplished. 

Also on the scene? Myself and a few other bloggers were given a Lumix G1 to snap some photos of the show--and of, you know, the hair. I came home to find a mixture of beautiful model snaps, a photo or two of some fake ombre nails (yes!!!) and about 20 photos of the backs of model's heads. I need to give up this tousled (five) dream, STAT.

[Disclosure: The LUMIX G1 camera was gifted in participation of the LUMIX Style Corespondent program. All opinions expressed herein are my own, as always]

[Photography by Amber Johnson for City Brewed]

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