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Airplane-Approved Travel Attire

Cozy Travel Outfits

Because nobody likes to travel in tight pants

photographs by Daniel Gabrielson, words by Ellie Eckert

Say yes to adventure

Sometimes I think it's totally necessary to have a little chaos in your life. Last minute packing, or even last minute travel, offer some sort of thrill you can't really find when you stick to a schedule. 

I'm headed to the West Coast tomorrow for a little chaos of my own: one week, three states, eight cities and not enough shoes (just kidding, I bought three new pairs). 

But it's that kind of craziness that completely excites me. There's a thrill in the unknown, isn't there? Sitting in the cab on the way to the airport, staring out the window watching the city pass you by; I don't know about you, but it's that moment – the ride, the journey – that enchants me most.

I developed a kind of tried and true travel attire a few years ago. After moving to New York, I was traveling back to Florida a few times a year and decided after flight number two that giant heels were a bad idea (I distinctly remember teetering in a tight maxi skirt and Jeffrey Campbell Litas). 

Now, comfort is my only concern. Here are a few of my airplane-approved must haves for a comfortable flight

1) An oversized long sleeve dress: I've been craving a loose-fitting midi dress for those cool mornings when you really can't be bothered. This dress from H&M, although not a midi dress, is perfectly casual and comfortable. I went up a size to get the baggy effect I love.

2) A scarf or cape: This is absolutely necessary. There's nothing worse than a long flight when you can't get comfortable because you're freezing. I picked up this scarf from Zara recently, which I'm convinced doubles as a blanket. 

3) Hat and sunglasses: Does anyone else get insanely puffy when flying? There's only so much my trusty water bottle can really do, so I typically hide behind sunglasses and one of my favorite hats. It also lends to that mysterious feel I love about traveling.

4) Easy shoes and socks: If my Lita story didn't convince you to wear easy shoes, might I suggest cozy knit socks you can slip on during the flight? 

Cozy Travel Outfits
Cozy Travel Outfits
Cozy Travel Outfits
Cozy Travel Outfits   
What to wear when traveling


Dress: H&M (Similar long sleeve dress here)
Bag: Céline
Slide Sandals: Steve Madden (On sale!)

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