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7 At Home Coffee Bar Essentials

7 At Home Coffee Bar Essentials

PHOTO: @songofstyle

PHOTO: @songofstyle

Think back to when you moved into your first apartment, or home, or any space to call your own. Do you remember the first time you stepped foot inside? The empty smell, the unfamiliar corners, the possibility? 

I distinctly remember the day I walked into my first New York City apartment. It was the beginning of November, crisp leaves lining the sidewalk, and the fresh smell of baked pumpkin goods wafting from the corner bakery. 

I met the realtor outside the building — secured entry, good sign. We took the elevator (another good sign) to the third floor, and walked down a long line of floor mats until coming to apartment #305. One step inside and I knew I was home (I later confessed to my mom that I never actually saw the whole apartment — just the massive master bedroom, the deciding factor). 

Why am I telling you this story, other than taking a nice stroll down memory lane? There’s something that everyone experiences when they move into their first space (and their second, and third). We step into our new homes not just with bags and overflowing boxes, but with vision. Some want a breakfast nook. Some want a study. Others want an at-home coffee bar. 

I’m thinking you could guess which category I fall into, and if you happen to relate, you might want to keep reading to discover how to build your own at-home coffee bar, and 7 essentials. 

Tools of the Trade

When I tell you I have a new favorite coffee appliance, I really, really mean it. Recently recommended by a friend, the Moka Espresso Maker has been my answer to early morning cappuccino cravings. You can brew the smoothest, most delicious espresso in just 5 minutes with this baby. Time and money saver with this one. 

Master Your Mugs

I love mugs (and hugs). I collect them wherever I go. While I’m not typically one for floral, its my jam on little ceramic bowls of happiness. Coffee bars are the perfect place to display your favorite mugs, and bring a little color into a bare room. (See some of my favorites below!)

Options, Options, Options

One of the perks of “the job”? I get to try a lot of coffee. Different flavors means plenty of options, and plenty of opportunities to display cute jars to house the goods. I'm currently obsessed with the Lyon blend by La Colombe. De-licious. 

The Sweet Stuff

I personally tend to pass on sugar, but cinnamon? Yes please. On your coffee bar, try setting out a few different ingredients perfect for mixing. Sugar, cinnamon, and agave should do the trick. I like to “re-home” these ingredients into cute ceramic jars and bottles that match the rest of the decor. 

Latte, Cappuccino, and Demitasse Cups, Oh My!

While we’re on the mug topic, let’s talk others in the cup family. It’s always fun to have options, especially when planning a brunch or enjoying a quiet weekend breakfast. 

Fresh Foundations

A few months ago during our Eightfold Coffee interview, the shop’s owner divulged a great little secret: every week, she goes to Downtown LA’s Flower District to grab tons of flowers, and make her own bouquets. Eightfold is known for their beautiful flower arrangements, and to think Soo whipped them up as a fun weekend DIY.

The Finishing Touch

Ok, maybe not a traditional essential, but definitely a nice accessory for your coffee bar. I love coffee-focused books to set the theme, like Brew Better Coffee at Home


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