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6 Solo Dates to Try This Week

6 Solo Dates to Try This Week

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The thing about New York: no one ever asks if you’ll have someone joining you. Table for one is commonplace – expected, almost – and that’s just the way I like it. Another glass of cabernet, or Sancerre, or a craft brew – whatever you’re into. The flip of a page, a glance around a crowded room, a deep, regenerating breath because damnit, you’ve earned a solo date. 

We’re all go-go-go, all the time, and frankly, between meetings, friend dates, and crowded subway rides, we need some alone time. 

So without further ado, 6 solo date ideas (courtesy of Wit & Delight) to take yourself on this week. Ready. Set. Refresh. 

Make a Romantic Dinner at Home…for One

I’m all for takeout and cheap wine – actually, I pride myself in my ordering abilities – but sometimes a girl needs to splurge, am I right? Light that pricy Diptyque candle, crack open that bottle of Bordeaux, and take your time in the kitchen. Toss your phone in another room – your company is enough – and enjoy a delicious dinner, for one. 

But what will you cook?

Take a Mini Road Trip

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: sometimes, you need to escape the city (or the suburbs). Jump in your car, Zipcar, subway, Amtrak (you get it) and head somewhere you’ve never been before. Calm your mind, listen to some good podcasts, and get out of your everyday routine. 

Don’t forget the essentials…

Sign Up for That Class You’ve Been Wanting to Take

A few years ago, in the middle of a miserable winter, I spent $75 on a metal working class. I left 5 hours later with a silver ring, a few new friends, and the comfort of knowing it was the best $75 I’d ever spent. Later that same year, I decided to take an adult ballet class. That one didn’t go as smoothly (I snuck out the back door after realizing it was definitely not a beginners class) but it was fun, different, and I learned something new about myself: I’m no ballerina. Get out there and do something different this weekend. Pottery, painting, dancing, cooking – splurge on some you time. 

But where to start…

Wander Around a Museum

There’s nothing better than strolling around a museum on a rainy day. Stare at the pieces for a little too long (is it ever too long?), sit, write, do your thing. Some things are best experienced at your own pace; museums are one of them. 

In New York? See these new openings.

Treat Yourself to the Finer Things

I’m firm in a few things: you should always have fresh flowers, fresh bubbles, and a lingerie set that makes you feel even more beautiful. Throw it on, indulge in a little mid-week champagne, light the candles, journal, watch Netflix, read a book – whatever makes you feel wonderful, because you are wonderful, by the way. 

Try That New Coffee Shop

I may be biased, but this one is a big point on my list. There’s nothing better than an early Saturday morning spent over a cappuccino and a book in the corners of a crisp, beautiful coffee shop. Switch things up from your weekly haunt and try something new. Talk to the baristas and learn about the coffee – guaranteed they have a story to tell. 

New Yorkers: we’re currently stalking Supercrown, Black Fox, and Sweatshop.

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