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5 Podcasts to Inspire You This Week

5 Podcasts to Inspire You This Week

Did anyone else wake up this morning sluggish, uninspired, and otherwise glued to your bed? No? Just me? Here I am, roughly six hours into my day and moving slower than ever. On days like these I want nothing more than to curl up in bed (with coffee, duh) and scan through YouTube videos for some fresh inspiration. Instead, I'm working through emails and articles and plans, but there is one thing inspiring my day: endless amounts of podcasts.

If you're in the same Monday rut I'm in, you'll want to check out these 5 podcasts to inspire your week, recommended by The Everygirl. 

How I Built This

Produced by NPR, each week host Guy Raz interviews the innovators and creatives who started some of today’s most well-known brands. Episodes are a quick half hour and have covered everything from fashion brands like Kendra Scott and Patagonia to technology brands like Buzzfeed and Instagram.

Aspen Ideas to Go

Each year, thousands of people ascend upon the Aspen Institute in Colorado for the Aspen Ideas Festival. The accompanying podcast allows anyone, anywhere, to listen to the over 350 presenters and their insights into ideas and issues shaping the world. Podcast episodes cover a wide range of topics; from political commentary, to technology acceleration, to “The Future of Imagination.”

The Lively Show

Need a little motivation to start your day? You’re not alone! Join Jess Lively and her bevy of amazing guests as they talk through struggles, triumphs, and setting intentions for life — from the daily grind to long-term goals. It’s the perfect inspiration for anyone feeling overwhelmed or needing encouragement from someone who’s been there.

The Ground Up

a Q&A podcast hosted by Matt D'Avella, the director of Netflix documentary Minimalism. Each episode, he chats with people who have built interesting careers from scratch. In his words, it's about how to "create something from nothing," according to TED Talk speakers, filmmakers, investigative journalists, and more.

After the Jump

Design lovers, rejoice! Design*Sponge also comes in podcast form. Grace Bonney delves deeper into the world of independent artists, interviewing store owners, designers, and important members of the design community. It’s a perfect supplement to the design website, which has been ruling the Blogosphere for over a decade.

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